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30+ years serving the Richmond legal communitiy.

This is why clients call on Cook & Wiley when they need court reporting services in Richmond.

Cook & Wiley has 30 years of experience in court reporting and works every day with legal secretaries, paralegals and attorneys throughout the Richmond area. Our affordable, accurate transcripts have earned us accolades from our clients. As a court reporting agency, deposition work is approximately 70% of our business. The other 30% is court work, taking a verbatim record of a meeting, or transcribing a tape for a client. All of our court reporters are also notaries public so that they can swear in witnesses.

We are prompt, thorough and professional. You can expect an email confirmation from our scheduler the day before the scheduled deposition and our court reporter will arrive approximately 30 minutes before the start time to set up.

During our depositions, our reporter will takes down the testimony in shorthand which is instantly translated on our laptop. We allow attorneys to connect to our laptop so they can access the translated testimony in real time as well. And our transcripts are provided within 10 business days. We also have video deposition capabilities if you are looking for video recording, editing, courtroom playback, etc.

For more information on our deposition services, call 804-359-1984 or send an email to Our helpful, responsive staff will discuss our services and answer your questions.

We have deposition space in Richmond.

Cook & Wiley serves the Central Virginia areas of RichmondCharlottesville, and Fredericksburg.


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