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6 Reasons to Become a Court Reporter

6 Reasons to Become a Court Reporter

Court reporters create verbatim transcripts of legal proceedings using a variety of assistive technology from stenotype machines, where information is typed in using a special type of shorthand, to steno mask machines where they whisper into a covered microphone. The... read more

Top Five Reasons to Use WebEx and Skype for Depositions

New free technology has created a shift from traditional videoconferencing to WebEx and Skype for depositions. Assuredly, face-to-face communication is the best, but videoconferencing can be a compellingly good second-best alternative, particularly when you factor in... read more
Cook & Wiley Celebrates 30 Years!

Cook & Wiley Celebrates 30 Years!

Thirty years ago on Wednesday, October 1, Cook & Wiley opened its doors.  The day almost passed me by until my former partner (and still dear friend) Nancy Cook emailed to tell me happy anniversary. Of course then I started feeling guilty about my lack of... read more

The History of Gregg Shorthand

Gregg shorthand is a method of writing quickly in abbreviated symbols. Instead of writing letters and words out in long-hand using the traditional letters of the alphabet, this technique uses a variety of shortcuts. This technique is based on sounds of words and... read more


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