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You’ve seen the commercials: “Learn how to...

You’ve seen the commercials: “Learn how to be a dental assistant” and enjoy what you do. Or, “Become a medical technician” and be the envy of all yourcourt-reporting-accuracy-1024x590 friends. Envy doesn’t pay the bills, though, and maybe you’re not comfortable working in somebody’s mouth. Here’s another career option — go to court. Become a court reporter in 24 months and you could find yourself making nearly $50,000 a year.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers in this field can expect to see steady growth over the next decade and an average annual salary of around $49,500 (nationwide). Comparable positions as a medical transcriptionist or interpreter and translator pay $34,890 and $44,190 respectively.

Needed Skills in a Growing Field

A majority of court reporters work in government settings to capture all spoken words and generate transcripts of trials, depositions and legislative bodies at all levels, as well as business and public meetings. Reporters may also transfer their skills into more lucrative positions in the growing field of television captioning and transcribing for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Reporters must obtain a state license or certification from a professional organization like the National Court Reporters Association. The NCRA does not accredit programs, however. The nationally recognized association does work with accredited programs to maintain approved standards. With more than 100 schools across the nation offering online and expanded programs in court reporting, students have their choice of day or night, online or on-campus classes, and flexible courses to fit their schedules. Here’s a look at some of the top certified court reporting schools in the United States, by geographic area. For a more complete listing, click on the NCRA link above.

Southern U.S.

New England


Northern U.S.

Western U.S.

Invest in Your Future

Obtaining a certificate or degree in court reporting is a relatively short process that can be completed within two years. Whether you’re looking for a steady job or want to pursue a freelance career that offers more flexibility, court reporting is an occupation that can provide both.




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