Cook & Wiley Celebrates 30 Years!

Thirty years ago on Wednesday, October 1,...

cook-and-wiley-30-yearsThirty years ago on Wednesday, October 1, Cook & Wiley opened its doors.  The day almost passed me by until my former partner (and still dear friend) Nancy Cook emailed to tell me happy anniversary.

Of course then I started feeling guilty about my lack of sentimentality, and oh my, why didn’t we schedule a party, get together, raise a toast.  Well, just another year gone.

October 1, 2009, we did have a big 25th celebration, a wonderful party at Chez Foushee attended by lots of clients and reporters, past and present, and friends of the firm.

But in the last two days I’ve been pondering the meaning of 30 years in business and the success we’ve had because of the wonderful court reporters who are with us and the reporters who have passed through and all loyal clients and amazing office staff.

And I have to wonder at the “accident” that is Cook & Wiley.  I was perfectly happy being a reporter and paying someone else to book the jobs and collect the money and let me do what I loved, which was reporting.  But circumstances gave me a gentle push, along with my husband, Bill, and Nan, to start our own business.  With the help of some of the attorneys at Browder, Russell, Morris & Butcher, and particularly Phil and Jimmy Morris, and some other very early clients, we gave it a go and never looked back.

So this is my quiet celebration, a heartfelt (and tearful) thanks to everyone who has cared about this firm as much as I have, who has contributed to its success, and who has enriched my life in more ways than they can ever know.

Thank you!



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