Proper Attire for a Court Reporter

Above all else, dress like a professional....

reporterAbove all else, dress like a professional.

1.  For female court reporters, appropriate dress includes pantsuits or dress slacks with a tailored jacket, dresses, or a dressy blouse and skirt.  Flat shoes are acceptable as long as they are dressy.

2.  For male court reporters, a coat and tie and dress slacks are appropriate for court, and a tie and dress slacks for depositions.

3.  Inappropriate dress includes casual sandals, canvas shoes, denim, khakis (in court), t-shirts, sweaters as a substitute for a jacket, low cut shirts and short skirts.

4.  Do not wear perfume.

5.  A good rule of thumb is:  If you think it might be too casual, it’s too casual.


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