When Do You Need The Help Of A Lawyer?

Sometimes it helps to have a bit...

Sometimes it helps to have a bit of guidance in our lives, especially when it comes to legal matters. Although there is a wealth of information that can easily be found online, some situations call for the professional expertise of someone who has received an education in legal matters. Some of the more common legal problems are easier and faster to deal with when you have a legal expert to help you out.

Buying a Home

It might not seem like you’ll need legal advice when you’re buying a home, but the real estate business is a legal minefield. Allow a lawyer or attorney to be your mine detector and steer you in the right direction. When you first contact a legal advisor, they’ll more than likely ask you for the price of the property, a copy of the energy performance certificate if there is one, if you’re buying the property on a timetable and how you plan on purchasing the property. If the seller of the property has a lawyer or attorney of their own, they’ll be in contact with your legal advisor to give them a draft contract as well as a list of the contents and fittings that you’ll have once you own the property. You should also think about hiring an attorney if you plan on taking out a mortgage in order to purchase a property.

Making a Will

You’ll undoubtedly want to hire an attorney or lawyer when you’re making out a will. The reason that making a will is so important is that without one the State will decide who receives your belongings. If you have children who aren’t able to take care of themselves, you’ll definitely want to draw up a will since without one there might be some confusion as to who will take care of them if you were to die. Other situations that necessitate a legal advisor to help you with your will include:

  • if there is more than one person whom you take care of financially and can make a claim on your property when you die
  • if you want to add a trust to your will
  • if your permanent home is not in the US or if you have property overseas
  • if you are the owner of all or part of a business

If you already have a will and need to update It, a lawyer can assist you with that as well, especially if you are now divorced, have remarried or are in a civil partnership.

Starting a Business

As you’re making out your business plan, be sure to include a lawyer in that plan. Lawyers and attorneys can sit down with you to discuss the structure of your business, how you can get a fair return if you’ll be running the business with other individuals and how to properly choose the location of your business. If you’ll be renting a space for your business, a legal advisor can inform you if your landlord can legally increase your rent and the amount you pay for service charges. Would it be wise to mortgage your home? Are your lenders asking for terms that you shouldn’t agree to? Would you be better off dealing with a bank? All of these questions can be answered by a qualified attorney or lawyer.

Renting Out Your Property

An attorney or lawyer will definitely be needed if you plan on renting out your property. Not only should you be aware of your rights as a landlord, but your future tenants need to be aware of their rights as well. Your legal advisor can let you know if you’ll be required to pay taxes on the extra income you’ll be receiving. It’s usually best that you go ahead and have a consultation with an attorney as soon as you think about renting out your property. They can help give you an idea of what to expect and what options you have. Meeting with an attorney or lawyer earlier can save you a lot of time and frustration later on. Other services an attorney can provide are breaking down the different kinds of tenancy agreement, drawing up a tenancy agreement, letting you know what kind of references you should request from potential tenants and how you can legally end a tenancy agreement if you ever need to.

There are a variety of circumstances that require an attorney or lawyer. If you’re ever wondering if you need legal advice, look for attorneys and lawyers who offer free consultations are willing to take a few minutes to let you know the degree of help that you may or may not need. Preventing a legal problem is always easier than curing a legal problem.


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