Things to Know Before You Go To Court

Going to court can be intimidating process. The stress and worry about having a court 38200448 - united states supreme court pillars of justice and lawappearance can be alleviated by understanding some basic information about how a court room operates. Knowing some tips on how to dress and behave, how to speak, and what to expect will help to assuage worries and prepare you for time spent in court. The following tips will assist you if you are called upon to speak in a courtroom.

Follow Courtroom Rules

When being questioned when on the stand, do not look to the attorney or at the judge for help in answering the question. If the question is improper, there will be an objection. If a question is asked and there is no objection, answer it. Never substitute your ideas of what you believe the rules of evidence are. [Read more…]

Things You Should Not Say in Court

court-roomIn-court testimony is a critical part of our judicial system, and is integral in insuring just and accurate verdicts. When you are going to court there are some simple things you should avoid saying to help improve your outcomes and guarantee a just verdict. The following advice is meant to help in a variety of situations. For specific advice regarding your situation, contact a law office in your area.

Do Not Memorize What You Will Say

It is very important to speak in your own words and avoid memorizing what you plan to say. Memorizing your answers and parts of your testimony can make your testimony sound rehearsed and unconvincing. There are some things you can do to avoid sounding as though your answers have been coached and rehearsed. [Read more…]