4 Things Court Reporting Students Should Know

Have you been looking for a unique career? Do you love the fast-paced environment of a courtroom? If you would like to work in such an environment but lack the qualifications to be an attorney or judge, why not consider court reporting? Court reporters are an integral part of the justice process that are right in the middle of the action but do not require as much training as attorneys or judges. However, like any other career, you must consider some important information before embarking on your career. [Read more…]

How Fast Do I Need to Type to Be a Court Reporter?

court-reporter-qualityEveryone talks at a different speed, with many factors contributing to their speaking pace. Factors such as occupation, subject matter and geographic area where one is born and raised. Most people speak at a speed from 110 to 200 words per minute (wpm), depending on these influences, with the 150-160 range being an optimal rate for conversation. Now throw in another factor, the speaker’s emotional state, and you’re nearing a 200 wpm rate (only auctioneers and other “fast talkers” are in the 250 to 400 wpm range). [Read more…]


As a high school student in the mid-sixties, I came from a family where, quite frankly, the boys were expected to pursue a college degree, but it was assumed the girls would graduate high school and get a secretarial job and marry. This was not the culture of all families at the time, and I had many girlfriends who went on to college, but it was the culture in my family. [Read more…]