Cook & Wiley Staff, Reporters & Their Pets

Here at Cook & Wiley we love our work and helping our clients. And we also love our pets. Get to know your Richmond court reporters even better by meeting them and their pets.

Jeanne & Leo

Dogs have always been part of my life, but when I lost my beloved Brittany, Sam, in September of 2010, I decided enough heartache when I have to say goodbye.  No more dogs, no more dog hair, no more dog messes, no more dog sitters.  I was free.  After a year I realized the truth, that I’m just a happier person with a dog.  Leo came to us from the New England Brittany Rescue.  His nickname is “Bug” because he’s a love bug.

Christopher & Zidane

My wife and I adopted Zidane the same week that I joined Cook & Wiley. He is a Coton de Tulear, a small breed known for their fluffy coats. Zidane is my constant companion while I work on transcripts. While I’m sitting at my desk, he often puts his front paws on my leg to cheer me on (or maybe he’s just asking me for a treat).

Helen & Boomer

On the second weekend of February 2004, we brought home our new Labrador retriever puppy, a ball of energy whom we named Boomer. Little did I know that, unlike our other labs who bonded with my husband, he was going to choose me as “his person.”

From the first day until now, he has been a constant coworker in my office and has “helped” me produce all of my transcripts, sometimes while actually occupying my chair with me. Believe me, you haven’t lived until you’ve had to share a desk chair with a 90-pound dog.

For nine years, we have walked together each morning – rain, sleet, snow, or gorgeous spring and fall days. He knows which neighbors live in which houses and which cars stop and give treats.

Although Boomer doesn’t run as fast as he once did, he still displays his retriever skills. He especially loves Frisbees and is quite the skillful catcher.

Dana and Chloe

Chloe, an American Warmblood, was rescued by Eagle Hill Equine Rescue at just seven days old in Kentucky. She was bottle fed and cared for until she was eighteen months old when my mom, Linda, and I adopted her and brought her to our barn. Chloe loves to run and splash in puddles of water. Now, at six years old Chloe enjoys jumping and horse showing. She has won several ribbons at local Eventing shows and even competed at the Virginia Horse Trials in Lexington, VA. She has the most enjoyable personality of any horse I’ve owned and never fails to make me laugh. This photo was taken in October of 2014. Dana Provo, docket manager.